Margarita Florencio


Position: Profesora Ayudante Doctora

Department: Ecología

Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Research Group: Inland-Water Ecosystems Team, I-WET

Keywords: Aquatic ecology, arthropods, biodiversity patterns, biological invasions, community ecology, island biology, limnology, macroinvertebrates, microcrustaceans, systematic review, temporary ponds

Main background and research interest:

I am an experienced limnologist with a large background in aquatic ecology, particularly in Mediterranean temporary ponds. I have developed sampling protocols for spatial and temporal variations of the Doñana temporary ponds, addressing a wide variety of organisms, since macro- and micro-invertebrates, amphibians, and aquatic plants, and determining the physical and chemical, and spatial characteristics. This has allowed me a vast knowledge in the functioning of these singular aquatic ecosystems, being the use of community ecology key to understand the biodiversity patterns and the ecological processes behind, regarding environmental and spatial characteristic of ponds. The use of community ecology has later allowed me to understand the role of land-use changes and exotic species in determining the biodiversity patterns of the terrestrial and aquatic arthropods of the Azorean oceanic islands. During more than six years of postdoctoral experience in national and international centres, I have also become an expert in biological invasions and actively involved in the research of island biology. Currently, I am the Principal Investigator of the project ClimaRiskinPond, entitled “Towards the conservation perspective of temporary ponds to face climate change and alien species invasions”, which wants to prioritize the conservation of temporary ponds in peninsular Spain, using aquatic invertebrates to face climate change, anthropogenic perturbations, and biological invasions.

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